What’s up with Marijuana Usage?

Marijuana is labeled a Schedule I narcotic, right there beside methamphetamines and other similar drugs, although many states have legalized the substance for both recreational and medical purposes. There’s been plenty of research concerning the use of marijuana over the past years, and now evidence points in the direction of marijuana being more beneficial than harmful. If you want to know more about the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy, this wikipedia article explains all the details important to know.

This is a special committee that is based out of Boston, MA. The committee was formed in 2008, and passed their bills in January 2009, after gaining more than 100,000 signatures on a petition started the prior year.

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This new law is based in the state of Massachusetts and replaces criminal punishment with civil punishments for those found to be in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.  There is now, in place of jail time or other deterrents, a fine of $100 that must be paid to the state. The funds that are collected from this initiative are used to better the community in many ways.

The exception is for juveniles. A minor will receive additional punishment, including notification of the offense to the minor’s parents, completion of a drug awareness program, and a fine of $1000. Juveniles under the age of 17 may also face additional penalties under the new law.

What are the people of the state saying about the law? There are many happy people who fully support the law. They feel marijuana schedule classification should be lowered, if it is even considered a drug any longer. But, there’s also people who would rather see those found in possession of marijuana put behind bars and fined. Altogether, it is a mixed bag of emotions for the law, but most people are satisfied with the benefits that it has bring to the community over the past 8 years, and those that it will bring in the future as well.

Prior to this law change, anyone founding possession of marijuana in any quantity was subject to a punishment of up to six months behind bars, as well as a CORI report and a fine of $1000. And so, it is safe to say those consuming in the marijuana plant appreciate the lessened consequences of being found in possession of the substance.

Tons of various organizations support the new bill, as well as the great impact that it has had around the state, and specifically in Boston. Organizations that support the Committee include the Brookline Police Department, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Greater Boston Civil Rights Commission, and many others.

The bill was so popular, in fact, that many states soon followed in the footsteps of MA, and thousands of free cells are there for people committing violent acts of crime.  Again, most people applaud this change and welcome the bill with open arms, whether or not support marijuana usage.

What You Need to Know About Rich Celebrities

If you are interested in learning how celebrities amass their vast fortunes then you are in the right spot. While there are websites like richestcelebrities.bio that tell you who is the richest we are going to show you how these celebrities make their money.


Most Common Ways Celebrities Make Their Money

On websites like richestcelebrities.bio you will notice the focus is primarily on Hollywood celebrities so we are going to cover how these actors/actresses earn their huge incomes. The first way that the celebrity is going to generate income is with their acting roles that made them a celebrity in the first place. If the actor is acting in sitcoms/ TV shows then they will usually get paid by the episode while individuals who act in a major motion picture will be paid for the actual movie in one lump-sum, at least for the start of their career.

What some really well-established actors do is negotiate a compensation plan where they receive a lump-sum payment for the role they are performing plus incentives. These incentives usually consist of residuals which are paid to the actor over time. Whenever the movie is shown the actor will receive a portion of that revenue which may not sound like a large sum of money but when you take into consideration that the movie will be shown all over the world and it becomes clear to you just how vast the income can be from a single movie.

Making Personal Appearances

Another way that celebrities, in this case, actors make their money is by appearing at the opening of a new club or business venture. The business owners want to draw a large crowd and bring attention to their business, one way to do that is by having a major ranking Hollywood celebrity show up. These business owners are willing to spend upwards of $100k just to have the celebrity appear at their business for a few hours, so it doesn’t take long for the celebrity to make millions just to show their face.

Celebrity Endorsements

Taking the personal appearance to the next level is the celebrity endorsement. This is when the celebrity associates their name with a particular product, service or both. Major corporations invest huge amounts of cash in advertising and one way to achieve brand recognition is with the help of Hollywood celebrities. Think about some major company and which celebrity is their ambassador, you would be shocked by the amounts these celebrities are making for virtually no added effort on their part.

These are the most common ways that celebrities make their huge fortunes but something that is equally impressive is how quickly these celebrities lose their wealth by making unwise investments. Since the celebrities have not developed the financial discipline to handle the wealth they squander it and usually end up bankrupt in the process. Check back often to find out which celebrities are making money and who is losing it!

Low Impact Exercise and Better Health

Many people believe that it is essential to get in the gym and do the hardest workouts possible in order to gain maximum physical fitness. Perhaps this is true for those in sports competitions, but for the rest of us it is too extreme. There is no need to go to the extremes that the pros go to in order to attain good physical fitness and better health. As a matter of fact, there are many forms of low impact or medium impact exercises that do just as well for establishing physical fitness and health. You can gain strength and stamina without going all out to extremes.

Consider forms of exercise like dance. If you have never taken a dance class, you may not realize how much physical activity goes into it. It is, as a matter of fact, one of the more physically challenging exercises you can do on a low impact scale. One thing dance assures is flexibility and endurance. Cardiovascular exercise is the hallmark of dance, along with alignment, flexibility, and strength. This form of exercise also emphasizes mental focus, discipline, and concentration abilities. Not only do you get more fit, you also get smarter at the same time.

Yoga is another form of fitness that is commonly misunderstood as being gentle, without any fitness to it. Try an extended Vinyasa class and then say that Yoga is not intense exercise. You will find many forms of Hatha Yoga to be quite challenging to the body and the mind. The level of physical conditioning it brings about is exceptional. After years of dedicated practice, it is amazing what you can achieve and how much your health will improve. You never once have to pick up a weight or go on a marathon. All Yoga is exercise that you bring with you wherever you go.

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