Selecting the Right Data Centre in Sydney for Your Business Needs

If your organization is trying to select a datacentre there are some key qualities you need to look for if you want to avoid any potential problems in the future. While most of us are comfortable using cloud based technology your organization will need to have contingency plans in place to protect you in the event your organization is experiencing issues with connectivity.

Qualities to Look for in a Prospective Sydney Data Centre

Where is the datacentre located in Sydney? The data centre should be in an area that you can visit in person. While visiting the prospective Sydney data centre you should note whether there are adequate physical security measures in place.

·    Is there security personnel onsite that limit the flow of people within the building? This is a vital question since you do not want your data accessed by individuals who are not authorized to get into the building.

·    Does the company utilize video surveillance? This will reduce the likelihood of unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the building.

·    Does the company have sufficient redundancies in the event there is a fire, power outage, flood etc.? This is a vital requirement since you cannot afford to lose your data or experience unplanned downtime that could negatively impact your business operations.

After running through these items you should have a list of prospective data centres that will require further screening.

·    Is the data centre capable of scaling to meet the needs of your business? This is a critical requirement since your business needs may change you want the data centre you select to adapt to those changes.

·    Does the data centre have a large base of customers using their solution? There are a few reasons why you want to address this question. The first is that if large scale companies are using the data centre they must be well-established otherwise the large-scale businesses would not be using them. Another more pragmatic reason is you naturally want the data centre to be economically stable so you do not find yourself in a situation where you have to scramble and find an alternative.

Sydney Data Centre

When you have covered all of these items the last thing you need to investigate before migrating over to the prospective data centre is finding out whether they have rapid deployment. Depending on your business model this could a deal breaker if your business model hinges on rapid deployment. The more well-established datacentres should be able to provide you with a comprehensive turnkey solution that will meet your needs.

If you implemented all of these suggestions the last item you will need to review before moving ahead with the implementation is reviewing the costs associated with the datacentre. The costs may vary but it would be prudent to go with the organization that is priced somewhere in the middle of their respective competitors. By sticking with this approach the risk of making an ill-informed decision will reduce dramatically.